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Bringing Social Change though Pre-Employment Transitional Solutions to
Transform Today's Youth into Tomorrow's Professionals

A Feasible Quality of Living is Within Your Reach

Let us help you start your journey.

Pre-Employment Transition Services for High School Students and Young Adults


(Ages 16 - 24 years old)

If you are a student with a disability, please see the required information below:

If your student possesses an IEP or a 504 Plan, then our services are fitting for him/her. If you would like to pursue Pre-Employment Transition Services, please complete the

Apprenticeship Application listed below. 

If you are a student/youth and you are in the commission of an Informal Adjustment, Sanction(s), or an adjudicated youth who received their  Pre-Disposition Risk Assessment (PDRA), and the Structured Dispositional Matrix (SDM) with the Georgia Department of Juvenile Justice, you will need to complete the Apprenticeship Application listed below. 

Junior Professionals Handbook
Junior Professionals Policy

As a result of working with Junior Professionals w/Creative Abilities, students with and without disabilities will learn reasonable advantages to gain competitive integrated employment for a brighter future. 

Students with Disabilities with an active IEP or 504 Plan will focus on the first five areas required by WIOA and the ADA  as required by law to assist them with building their employability skills. However, ALL Students, including Students with Disabilities, will learn each of the following:

  1. Job exploration counseling

  2. Work-based learning experiences, which may include in-school or after school opportunities, experiences outside of the traditional school setting, and/or internships

  3. Counseling on opportunities for enrollment in comprehensive transition or postsecondary educational programs

  4. Workplace readiness training to develop social skills and independent living

  5. Instruction in self-advocacy

  6. Life Skills Training (Intensive)

  7. Financial Literacy

  8. Entrepreneurship

  9. Apprenticeship & Opportunities


Case Management Services are provided to all students in order to assist with the success plan and employability outcome. 

Case Management Services includes:

  • Level One: Intake

  • Level Two: Needs Assessment

  • Level Three: Service Planning

  • Level Four: Monitoring and Evaluating

Organization Overview

What We Specialize In

Job Exploration Counseling

Post-secondary Counseling


Work-Base Learning (WBL)

Workplace Readiness Training

Independent Living Skills

Financial Literacy and Planning

Introduction to Entrepreneurship

Happy Family

Selection Process

The selection procedures for this occupation are listed below:

  • Application Submission

  • Letter of Interest

  • Resume Screening (if the apprentice has one)

  • Pre-Screening Interviews

  • In-Person Interviews

  • Career and Skills Assessment

  • Letters of Recommendation (4)

  • Background Check

  • Orientation

  • Onboarding

College Students

The Journey Towards Your Career Begins on the Path of Pre-Employment Transitional Services. Are You Ready to Begin Your Journey Today.

Of all the people I hated to see leave job corps, I wish Mrs. Reynolds would have stayed. She was always nice to me and the others. She never judged us for our lifestyle and stuff we did. she always showed us kindness and she cared.

- Samantha Tyler

You were there I didn't understand things. If something wasn't right you fixed it.

You always checked on us to see if we needed help with anything. You just made sure that life was good while I was in job corp.

- Jamie Lee Tumbling

Mrs. Reynolds was always a listening ear. She genuinely cared for us. She never talked down to us. She showed us how to love ourselves when no one else would. I am forever thankful for her.

- Willa Jackson

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