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Success Plan for Employment

The Success Plan for Employment must contain:

  • A description of the secondary education goal (as applicable);

  • A description of the post-secondary education goal (as applicable);

  • A description of the specific competitive integrated employment goal (mandatory);

  • A discussion of the use of comparable or alternative services and benefits;

  • A list of any needed prerequisites (as applicable);

  • The criteria for measuring the student’s progress;

  • A description of specific rehabilitation services needed to reach the Success Plan for Employment goal, including:

Service Start Date(s)

Anticipated Service End Date(s)

Specific Agency Requested Services

  • A list of the specific responsibilities of the students, JP Case Manager, and/or other partners

  • A indication if supported employment is needed;

  • A indication if it is a self-employment plan;

  • The frequency of contact that was agreed upon.

When appropriate, the SPE must also include:

an explanation of the criteria used to determine customer participation in services, program costs based upon course enrollment, and additional information requested by the student or considered vital by the VR counselor or CCM/JPPS II. The service dates for the SPE must encompass the date that services are initiated to the expected date that services will be completed.

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