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Introduction to Entrepreneurship

We're providing everything your Junior Professional needs in order to prepare for success in today's world.

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Introduction to Entrepreneurship

  • Instruction to Entrepreneurship: This part of the program is designed to help those who are interested in starting, growing and maintaining their own business. Students will gain an in-depth understanding of the process of starting a business, what is needed to legitimize a business, necessary documentation, record keeping, branding, and marketing. This course consists of the following modules:

    • Introduction to Entrepreneurship

      • Documentation to establishing your business

    • Entrepreneurship Planning & Strategy

      • Leadership

      • Building a Tribe

      • Marketing

      • Finances and Funding

        • Understanding Business Credit

        • Where is the money?

      • Social Media - Do's and DON'TS

    • Entrepreneurship Platform &Design

      • Branding

      • Typography

      • Media Kit

    • Entrepreneurship Launch

      • Hello Word! Announce to the world that your business is live!


This setup will enable students to continue the path of entrepreneurship. Every student who completes the entrepreneurship module will complete with a full established business that is registered with the State of Georgia. They will be provided resources to fund their business and will learn how to keep their business thriving.

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