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About Junior Professionals

Pre-Employment Transition Solutions

Junior Professionals are students with creative abilities who deserve an opportunity for competitive integrated employment. Often times, students who are face with poverty or live in areas where feasible employment and transportation is not available, they suffer more than society understands. As unfortunate as it is, many look upon this group of students in a negative aspect. While there may be some negative attributes about them, they are still human and they still deserve a fair opportunity in this life. That is why Junior Professionals w/Creative Abilities was created. 

Junior Professionals

Who are Junior Professionals? 

Junior Professionals w/Creative Abilities are youth and young adults who might have dropped out of high school. Some might still be attending high school. However, they might not have a clear plan for their life. 

Not to worry! We are here to help! We want to see you succeed. We want to see you win. We want you to be afforded opportunities that you might not have been aware of. No matter what your current situation is, we want to help you make the transition to employment, post-secondary educational options, and overall to create a decent quality o life for yourself. 

Junior Professionals are also students with disabilities who are able to function on their own with minimal assistance. Your student might possess an IEP or a 504 Plan. If so, we can work with your student. Here are the steps to gain access to our services:

  • Present the information to your SPeD (Special Education) Instructor

  • Advise him/her that you would like Pre-Employment Transition Services  to help you to create opportunities for a bright future

  • Your SPeD Instructor can complete the Application for Services

         (Pre-Employment Transition Solutions: you will be required to upload your IEP or 504       


  • Once the Application for Services has been completed, a Transitional Case Manager will review your application and will then schedule a meeting within 72 hours 

  • Each Junior Professionals will work with his/her Transitional Case Manager to complete a Career Assessment

  • Parent/Guardian information is required for all Junior Professionals regardless of age 

You may also secure our services as a private pay or self-pay client. This is for students who are not a part of the WIOA Youth Services Plan. Please see the FAQ's for information regarding the primary service area. 

Group Students Smilling
Students in Cafeteria

Students w/Creative Abilities

Here are some very important factors about students with creative abilities. 

  1. There are some cases when the creative ability (disability) can be seen with the bare eye.

  2. Not everyone with creative abilities can be judged based on how they look. 

  3. There are many cases where the ability can only be seen if there is a diagnosis, assessment, or some type of treatment has been administered by a licensed professional.

  4. Students with creative abilities should be given an opportunity to have independence in society.

  5. Unless a student with a creative ability has been deemed to severe for employment, his/her network should support them in gaining their independence. 

  6. Sometimes, the caregivers are afraid to push their student to new levels for fear of societal stigmas.

  7. In other cases, they feel secure with their student receiving some type of public assistance.

  8. Students with creative abilities, in many cases, want to earn their own money, rent their own apartment, and drive their own car. 

  9. It is a win win if the student with a creative ability is employed and is able to still keep a portion of his/her public assistance. Your student can request to speak with a Work Incentive Navigator for the information that s/he will need in order to keep their public assistance and maintain employment. We will guide you in the right direction to obtain what you need so that you are able to make an informed decision for yourself.

  10. Your creative ability is needed somewhere in the workplace. Don't lose hope because your ability is different from others. That is what makes you unique and talented.

At a time when I was lost and had no direction, I met Mrs. Reynolds. She was my case manager. She treated me with kindness and respect and made sure that things were taken care of when they were not right. Even though I have progressed so much since I last seen her, I will never forget her .

Jamie Lee Tumbling

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