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Selection Process

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The Selection Process

Will assist us in determining if you are a good fit for Junior Professionals with Creative Abilities. Upon acceptance into the Junior Professional with Creative Abilities Registered Apprenticeship Program, you will receive your acceptance letter and instructions to complete the second step in the process. The process can take up to 90 days to receive all documentation and to provide you with a start date.  

PLEASE NOTE: ALL steps in the Selection Process are MANDATORY. Failure to complete all of the steps can result in a delay in receiving your Acceptance Letter and start date. 

Application Submission

  1. Prepare Your Documents:

    • Gather all necessary documents such as your resume/CV, cover letter (if you do not have a resume, CV, and/or Cover Letter, please continue with the other requested documents), academic transcripts, reference letters, and any other required materials.

  2. Follow Instructions:

    • Carefully read and follow the specific instructions provided in the application, as they can vary greatly depending on the organization or institution.

  3. Complete the Application Form:

    • Fill in all the required fields on the application form. Be accurate and honest in your responses.

  4. Upload Documents:

    • Upload your documents as specified in the application instructions. Make sure your documents are well-organized and follow any naming conventions if provided.

  5. Review Your Application:

    • Before submitting, review your application to check for errors, typos, and completeness. Ensure that all required materials are attached.

  6. Submit Your Application:

    • Once you are satisfied with your application, click the "Submit" or "Send" button to officially submit it. Some applications may require a submission fee; if so, make the necessary payment.

  7. Confirmation:

    • After submission, you may receive a confirmation email or a confirmation page on the website. This serves as proof that your application has been received.

  8. Follow Up:

    • If the application process has a specific timeline for response, make a note of it. In some cases, you may need to follow up with the organization or institution to inquire about the status of your application.


Remember to keep copies of all submitted materials and correspondence related to your application for your records. Good luck with your application!

Letter of Interest

A Letter of Interest, also known as a Letter of Intent, is a formal document that you send to express your interest in a particular job, educational program, or opportunity. It serves as an initial contact with an organization or institution and is used to introduce yourself, highlight your specific creative abilities and any qualifications, and explain why you are interested in the position or program.

Resume Screening

Resume screening, also known as CV (Curriculum Vitae) screening, is the initial step in the recruitment process where employers or hiring managers review job applications and resumes to identify qualified candidates. The goal is to quickly and efficiently select the best pool of applicants for further evaluation and to continue through the Selection Process.

Pre-Screening Interview

Pre-screening interviews, also known as initial or phone screenings, are a crucial step in the selection process that serves to identify qualified candidates and narrow down the pool of applicants before conducting in-person or more in-depth interviews. These interviews are typically conducted by a recruiter or a representative from the hiring company and are often done over the phone or through video calls.

Pre-screening interviews are a valuable tool for streamlining the hiring process and ensuring that only the most qualified candidates move forward. They also help candidates gain a better understanding of the role and the company's expectations, making the overall process more efficient and transparent for all parties involved.


Career and Skills Assessment

A career and skills assessment is a process that helps individuals evaluate their skills, interests, values, and goals in order to make informed decisions about their career path. This assessment is a valuable tool for anyone, whether they are starting their career, considering a career change, or looking to advance in their current profession. 

A career and skills assessment is an ongoing process, and it's important to remain adaptable and open to new opportunities as you progress in your career. Regularly reassessing your skills and career goals can help you make informed decisions and navigate the ever-changing job market effectively.

Click the button below to send us an email to request your Career Assessment Code. Complete this step immediately after you receive confirmation that you passed your Pre-Screening Interview. 

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